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[06 Jan 2005|08:45pm]
New journal
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[12 Dec 2004|06:26pm]
So, moving wasn't to thrilling. Having to drive to 21 and Romeo Plank on slick ass roads is NO FUN!
Sucks when there are no plows out and no salt trucks. You figure, it's been snowing sinch about oh, 6 in the morning so they would be out taking care of the roads by 9am, right? Wrong. It was hell having to drive 30mph all of the way there and worrying about being able to stop and not slide into another car.

The actual moving wasn't that bad at first. Was a pain in the ass to stand out in the snow/rain and put stuff in the van and truck but that's what happens when your relatives decide to move in the middle of December.

What did suck is that me and my uncle were moving a long dresser into their new house and I slipped in the middle of the doorway and lost grip of my side of the dresser and slammed my jaw on the dresser. Yes, laugh.

Okay, stop laughing. Anyways, I was like fuck it and went back to moving the rest of the load into the house. On out last run we were bringing an exercise machine into the shed and I didn't see the Virgin Mary statue standing behind me on it's little stand and backed into it and the damn thing fell on the back of my heel. Yeah, it hurt but my feet are hardcore and the statue ended up busting into 3 pieces. That's what happens when you fuck with my feet, bitches.

I got $30 for all of it. Wasn't really expecting to get paid but my aunt was cool and said to use it for gas money.

I'm still feeling weird about the friends thing. I was planning on thinking about it more today but sadly I spent most of it moving my relatives into their house so I haven't had a lot of alone time today. There's always tomorrow at work, I get a lot of thinking done there. It's actually blissful and helps pass the time. I need to get some people their christmas presents this week. Yes, I know that most of you say you don't want anything but you're still geting something, no questions asked.

I think it's time for sleep even though it's 6:35.

Thank you for reading this.
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[12 Dec 2004|08:43am]
[ mood | tired ]

It snowed.

I have to go to my aunt's and uncle's and help them move. They live at 21 mile, so if anyone in that region reads this ans feels like hanging out, give me a call. 1-313-283-6929.

My back still hurts. I think I need to see a doctor or something. I know my mother has back pains, but I also know that this is all from lifting paint and having to lift pot tops everyday. And I always thought that I would never have any sort of problems like this, fuck.

I feel like I'm out of the social "loop" among my friends. I don't know why. Probably because I haven't seen or talked to a lot of you in a while. One part of me wants to go forth and try to get back in but the other half is saying that maybe it's time to let go and just see what happens. Friendships fade away, but memories stay. Yeah, that's going in a poem, later.

Getting a haircut always makes me nervous.

"It's just one of those days where you don't wanna wake up. Everything is fucked, everybody sucks. You don't really know why but you want to justify rippin' someone's head off."

Yeah, Limp Bizkit. Like it or not, I don't care! HA!

I'm going to trade the playstation that my grandma gave me into gamestop and use the credit to buy a gamecube. I'll still have my PS2 but man, I really want the new mario tennis.

Long entry, if you've managed to read it all, I applaued you ::applause::

I need to catch up on some reading. Will be done tonight, for sure.

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[06 Nov 2004|12:06am]
For my personal entertainment, I'm going to go around and try to find as many Bush supporters and as many Kerry supporters and have them go on to have an all out civil war. We're talking extreme hatred and brutal deaths over political, religious and social opinions. While these people fight, I'll sit back and laugh at how idiotic they are making themselves look. Who knows, maybe after half of the U.S.A's population kills itself off, maybe others will learn that if we could look at someone elses views with the slightest amount of open mindedness, our country could possibly grow into something beautiful.
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[18 Oct 2004|08:00pm]
[ mood | angry ]

1-313-283-6929 if you ever want to talk to me

Other than that, Kyle Lacroix, you are the biggest fucking idiot known to man. Thank you for endangering our lives. Thank you for punching Mike while he's driving on 12 mile in the fucking rain. Thank you for not being more understanding about Jimmy's chips, even though you always joke around yet get mad when someone else is. Thank you for not trying to talk to me and just yelling at me before you hit Mike. I Hope you enjoyed being hit, not only by Mike but myself and not doing shit about it. I Hope you're still not scared of me.

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[17 Oct 2004|03:44pm]
[ mood | blah ]

It's all for youCollapse )

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[11 Oct 2004|06:31pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I hate you!
I hate you!
I hate you!
But it doesn't mean that I don't miss you!

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[22 Sep 2004|08:19pm]
This hurts
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[20 Sep 2004|02:37pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

If anyone wants to hang out anytime past 7 tonight, in celebration of my day of birth, leave a comment, IM me or call me (313)421-1888.

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[20 Sep 2004|03:33am]
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[19 Sep 2004|09:32pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Thank you, Megan, Lisa, and Alix for the birthday gifts.

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[06 Sep 2004|07:31pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I wrote this song to kill some fucking timeCollapse )

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Did I, did I run outside to kiss the rain under electrical skies [01 Sep 2004|03:51pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

I'm taking a break from you.


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[27 Aug 2004|04:51pm]
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[27 Aug 2004|04:26pm]
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[27 Aug 2004|04:24pm]
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[18 Aug 2004|09:33pm]
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[03 Aug 2004|10:53pm]
What song makes you happy?The Bloodhound Gang || Hell Yeah
What song makes you sad?CKY || Close Yet Far
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What cd do you love and hate at the same time?Every single one
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[31 Jul 2004|11:28am]
Don't fly those stripes, those stars and stripes for me, for me
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Don't fly those stripes, those stars and stripes for me, for me
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[30 Jul 2004|03:37pm]
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